It's the same old desireNothing has changedNothing's the sameBurning like fireDon't you ever take my name in vain

It's the same old desireNothing has changedNothing's the sameBurning like fireDon't you ever take my name in vain


Want to get on the schedule? 

How to contact me

Use the form below to contact me. There are several ways to go about screening, which are detailed below. If we have met before, be sure to include your name and the phone number through which we communicated previously; phone numbers are how I file my information, so I need it to find you, and if we've met before we can usually forgo screening. If you just have a quick question, feel free to text (918)727-1095. I can't guarantee how quickly I'll respond (if I'm with a client or off the clock, I may not see it until later) but I will get back to you asap. If there are times you'd prefer I not return your text, be sure to include that as well. 

Contact us by Email

How to set up an appointment 

Following several incidents where I got badly hurt, I now require screening. (Relax. It's pretty simple.) Use the form above (or text info to {918} 727-1095) to write me a note, letting me know when you'd like to schedule an appointment, and for how long. Please include:

  • Your name;
  • Your phone number (and if/when you'd like me to contact you that way; I don't need to speak on the phone with you, but I do need to verify the number for screening purposes; in your email, let me know when I can text to verify the number;)
  • A pic of your ID (you can cover the ID number and address, except for zip code) or a pic of your medical marijuana card;
  • I also really need a selfie; you know what I look like, it's only fair that I get to see your face

If you don't want to screen using this method, there are three other ways; any one is acceptable, it's not necessary to do all three:

  • A link to your LinkedIn. Facebook or others will not work, as its too easy to use a fake name;
  • payment of your full donation ahead of time, through Cash App, along with a selfie;
  • passing along the name and contact info of two or three providers who can and will vouch for you. (To be courteous to them, make sure you ok it with them before giving me their info. I will look them up to verify they are genuine providers, so include where they normally advertise.) If you go this way, I definitely need a selfie, to verify with your references. 

If  we've met before, please include the phone number you used to contact me the first time; I file information by phone number, so that's how I'll be able to find your info. 

Screening is not optional. I'm taking a huge risk, physically, emotionally, and legally, by placing myself alone in a room with a man I don't know, and one who is probably bigger than me. You can Google my phone number, name, or email address to find tons of reviews on independent sites spanning several years; doing so should reassure you that I am honest, up front, and safe. Screening is how you show me the same. Your personal info will be handled with the utmost confidence, wiped from my computer as soon as we finish our first appointment. I expect the utmost privacy and respect from my clients, and give the same in return. 

Lillith Blackheart
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