It's the same old desireNothing has changedNothing's the sameBurning like fireDon't you ever take my name in vain

It's the same old desireNothing has changedNothing's the sameBurning like fireDon't you ever take my name in vain


Rates, Boundaries, and Daily Specials



I do not sell specific acts, and therefore don't have a menu. One hour and half hour appointments, or anything longer than that, include a professional full body massage; a qv does not give me enough time to give you a massage as well as have Happy Fun Time. I don't do add-ons, so the price we agree on before you come see me is the price you pay. You are paying for my time and effort; what you do with it is up to you.

  • Ninety minutes: 350
  • One hour: 275
  • Half hour: 175
  • Qv: 100, though it is often discounted. That discount changes daily; ask for details when we speak.


I no longer offer outcall appointments without some very specific requirements:

  • One hour minimum, plus 100 fee;
  • Fees to cover Uber ride to and from your location
  • Deep screening, including a pic of your id with nothing blacked out and something proving you are where you're asking me to go; a piece of mail, a pic of you standing in front of your hotel, etc

Above fees must be paid up front, through Cash App, before I leave my house

In the past, 99.9% of all outcalls I've attempted have resulted in me being kidnapped, stranded, stood up, assaulted, stiffed, or a combination of all of them. As a result, all criteria - in addition to screening requirements - must be met before I will agree to book an outcall.

Multiple Clients (Threesome/Foursome/Etc):

If your fantasies include the addition of a third or fourth person, you are expected to recruit that extra person. I don't keep spare providers in my closet. That being said, rates change based on many factors, but here are the most regularly proposed combinations:

  • Female-female-male: hour minimum, two hour maximum which would normally calculate to 275x2, or 550/hour. (That is my fee, which covers my effort for two people. If you recruit another provider you are responsible for paying her separately.) I will, however, usually be able to apply a small discount to that, making it 475/hour or so.
  • Male-female-male: hour minimum AND maximum, making it 275x2, or 550/hour, plus an additional fee of 150, totalling 700; when two straight men team up on one woman, they become competitive, and that woman often gets hurt. I will not entertain two men without that 700 being on the table before I even take off my clothes. I also reserve the right to check clients for weapons and keep my body guard close by. 


I'm very open minded, and willing to entertain most fantasies, provided they don't cause harm to others. I don't kink shame; you can tell me your darkest secrets, and I won't judge. That being said, I do have limits on what I can and will do: I don't do age play, Greek, pain, or facials. However, if you want to explore things like rimming, pegging, prostate massage, or other "out there" fantasies, I'm skilled in and happy to provide those services. 

Lillith Blackheart
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